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This fucked me up

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Misha Collins’s Cheekbones in Liberty Heights

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I just love this promo photo because Sherlock’s fringe says “SH”


The Interesting case of “Janine” ▬ Part. II [2/2]

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"… so when he was arrested for blowing someone’s head off, it was quite a relief, to be honest."

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i bet dragons would probably think it’s really cool that we produce water in our mouths


AU Bondlock: The villain and his sniper, the spy and his quartermaster.

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What if I kicked you in the knee



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can we please talk about this

1998 is a hard year for jackie # even working two jobs money is tight # (especially with rose’s gymnastic lessons # but rose loves them and jackie will sell her own kidneys to ensure she can keep attending) # and christmas is just around the corner # she looks over her books and feels ill: # she simply can’t afford to get rose any proper gift this year # and it breaks her heart # because rose is so excited # she loves christmas # keeps saying how she hopes it’ll snow this year # proper like # and christmas eve jackie is up late # worrying and hating how disappointed rose is gonna be come morning # when she wakes up to see the floor is almost empty beneath the tree # and that’s when there’s a knock at the door # she opens it # (with a baseball bat at the ready - it’s late on the estate after all) # and there’s no one there # just a red child-sized bike # with a note attached # 'she's gonna be fantastic' it reads in messy loopy handwriting # 'merry christmas' # and normally she’d be worried about weirdos and stalkers but tonight # tonight it’s christmas eve and jackie tyler knows when not to look a gift horse in the mouth # so she hauls it inside quiet as she can # and the next morning when she’s awoken by the sound of rose crashing her new bike # into the hallway mirror # shrieking in delight the entire time # she takes a moment to say a silent thank you (via)

and now I’m crying

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