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shots fired

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"This song is ending. But the story never ends."

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doctor who meme | 1/10 episodes » the day of the doctor

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THAT FUCKING FACE ten is 3000 percent done

Eleven is like, “Companions!?! I’m 400 years your senior!”

The 10th looks like a blowfish with that face

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Doctor Who Story Arcs

Season 1: Bad Wolf
Season 2: Torchwood
Season 3: Vote Saxon
Season 4: There's Something on Your Back
Season 5: Cracks in Space and Time
Season 6: Silence Will Fall
Season 7: No One Has Any Fucking Idea



I love Nine. I miss him.

anyone else lovin how distressed Mickey looks when he hears which door he gets?

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"Autons attempt to invade London in 2005 and Rose joins the Doctor." (Source)

This a day of joy! \o/

Rose. THE episode. Today is the day.

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When are we going? We’re going always.

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impossible meme seven scenes

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